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John Karpathakis is the Head honcho of HIIT training facility F45 based in Dubai Marina. The Athens-native is 33 and has been in Dubai since 2016 and specializes in functional training. John says: “Getting a workout in every day is easy for most people, controlling what goes on your plate the rest of the day is the true challenge.” 

His biggest achievement so far has been leading the warm ups for the Government Games in 2019 with Lululemon and having the crown prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum warming up with them. In terms of career goals, John likes being able to help people change their lives daily, and he’s also working on improving his handstands.

“I want to be associated with brands that add value to people’s lives and products that I personally believe in and use myself. The Beast Mode meal plans are my daily choice for healthy, high quality nutrition.”

Top fitness tips:

1. Sweat once a day

2. Eat healthy and avoid processed foods

3. Drink lots of water

3. Get adequate sleep

4. Reduce stress levels

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Adam Fulat is a half English half Emirati power lifter who originally hails from the sunny South West of the UK. A 27, he’s already smashed records in local power meets and has more recently competed in the Power Lifting Nationals in the UK.

He says: “Until I started with Beast Mode nutrition, I would often under eat and this would have a negative impact on my training. Meal prep takes a huge chunk of work out of my hands for 5 days of the week. The region is known to have one of the highest prevalence rates of diabetes and obesity worldwide, with 7 in 10 men being overweight. So you could say healthy eating spots and meal prep companies have been quite scarce until recently.”

Adam’s biggest career achievement to date is winning the British Track and field national gold for 200m after only taking up the sport 6 months prior to the meet, and his ultimate goal is to represent the UK in the Championship Power Lifting.

“As far as quality goes – Beast Mode Nutrition have consistently provided me with the best service & fresh meals on a daily basis which I believe is what primarily sets them aside. On my journey to British Nationals this September, all my meals have been prepared by Beast Mode Nutrition which has definitely had an impact on my training and recovery.”

Adam’s top health tips:

✔ Drink more water ✔ Get enough sleep: 6-8 hours minimum ✔ Exercise regularly; not excessively ✔ Eat plenty of fruit and veg in your diet ✔ Cut down on sugary food and soda ✔ Avoid smoking /alcohol consumption


Introducing our Ambassador, Brandon Barnard!

The 25 year old South African is a Dubai newbie, but loves travel and adventure. His field of expertise is biomechanics of track athletes, and he’s pretty much a machine when it comes to muscle-ups

As a young adult growing up in SA Bran was given the opportunity to run and subsequently broke the 200m record! He went on to be hugely successful in the track and athletics field.

He’s also a massive gamer, loves Bull Dogs and wishes his super power was to be a quick as lightening

His thoughts on Beast Mode Nutrition?

✔️ Quality Food

✔️ Calorie Counted ✔️ Macro Counted ✔️ Convenient ✔️ Tasty ✔️ SOOOO HEALTHY

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Anthony is a 34 year-old British ex-Commando who’s been in Dubai 15 months. His area of expertise is strength and conditioning and functional fitness. As a child, his hero was Bruce Lee, and this encouraged him to start martial arts, which later evolved into strength and cardio training.

Anthony thinks the biggest challenge that people face with fitness and simply knowledge, whether it’s related to nutrition or training. He says: “having goals is fantastic, but without a clear understanding of how to get there, they’re just dreams. With Beast Mode Nutrition, those obstacles are removed, with all relevant macros stated clearly on what you’re eating.”

His thoughts on Beast Mode Nutrition:

  1. The food tastes great
  2. Extremely nutritional and adaptable depending on your fitness goals
  3. Convenient, with delivery to your home or place of work etc.

Top Tip for People Engaging in a Healthy Lifestyle:

Enjoy what you do! The best diet is one you can stick to consistently with food you like. The best mode of exercise is one you LOVE doing and will do for multiple times a week, every week.

He’s also a huge Marvel fan, his favourite destination is Whistler (Canada) and his fitness goal is to be able to pull a 250KG deadlift.

When he’s not training he enjoys all the outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, wake boarding, kayaking, scuba-diving, golf, snow-barding and general beach life!

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