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Commitment to a dietary plan is the first step towards achieving optimum health and wellness. understanding the science behind macronutrients is imperative, and combined with our commitment to excellent taste, they forge the foundations of our brand. our mission is to provide a culinary solution to our customers through simple, great-tasting meals with superior nutritional values.

Our customers include professional athletes, yogis, fitness-fanatics, post-natal mums and individuals wanting to make lifestyle changes to improve their overall health.

Our meals include:

Paleo, ketogenic, gluten free, lactose-free

Vegetarian & plant-based

Free from artificial sweeteners

Hormone & anti-biotic free meat

Free from seed oils


Suitable for customer wanting to burn fat and be super lean, this lower-calorie plan focuses on the lean meats, cruciferous vegetables, fibre and fat-busting nutrients, all under 1,600 calories per day. It includes 2 Meals and 2 Snacks Daily, 5 days per week.

Sample Menu

Meal 1: Beast Box with 100g Chicken Breast,

Cauliflower Rice and Broccoli & Carrot with Salsa

Snack 1: Boiled Egg & Spinach Pot

Meal 2: Beast Box with 150g Poached Salmon, Sweet Potato Mash,

Greens Beans & Garlic with Beetroot Ketchup

Snack 2: Pancakes & Sugar-free Chocolate Syrup


Suitable for professional athletes or customers looking to increase mass significantly with a high calorie, nutrient-dense plan.

Sample Menu

Meal 1: Beast Box with 200g Tenderloin, Cauliflower Cheese

and Broccoli & Carrot with Garlic Butter

Snack 1: Boiled Egg & Spinach Pot, The Beast Protein Shake

Meal 2: Beast Box with 200g Poached Salmon, Sweet Potato Mash,

Quinoa Salad with Greek Yoghurt Caesar

Snack 2: Super Egg & Avocado Wrap

Meal 3: Cardio King Salad with Honey Mustard

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